We design homes that are sensitive to the needs of the home-owner, the surroundings and to the environment.


Over the last 20 years, Morton Wykes Kramer have worked with a range of housing association; Bedford Pilgrims, East Midlands, Jephson, Northants Rural, Orbit and Warwickshire Rural. Specialising in designing affordable housing sites at the edge of villages. This work involves complex negotiations with local landowners, elected officials and the wider village community. The housing is designed to comply with the Scheme Development Standards and policies such as the Code for Sustainable Homes.


We are constantly striving to produce more sustainable homes, within the practice Dominic Kramer leads our development within this area. As a practice we see ‘Passivhaus’ as the way forward. Passivhaus is a low energy, sustainable option for constructing buildings that use around 1/10th of the energy requirements of average buildings. Developed in Darmstat in Germany in 1990, addressing the serious issues of fuel poverty. It delivers a high quality, healthy and comfortable environment for occupiers and can be delivered in any idiom or vernacular style. By way of high quality insulation, air tightness, the avoidance of thermal bridging, Mechanical Ventilation & Heat Recovery and the use of solar and occupancy gains.



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