Walton High New Restaurant Mezzanine

New Restaurant Mezzanine

Walton High Mezzanine.

This month we are delighted to see that the new restaurant Morton Wykes Kramer has designed for Walton High School in Milton Keynes is now being used and enjoyed by students and staff alike. A 220m2 bespoke steel frame mezzanine was introduced by Morton Wykes Kramer Director Dominic Kramer as a cost effective solution to solve the problem of the schools overcrowded canteen.

This is the second mezzanine we have installed at the school the first being to upgrade the library’s ICT facilities. We have found this to be a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to tight budgets and the increasing need for space.

 As is common with alterations of this nature the construction requires specialist skilled equipment such as ‘micro’ drilling machines which are capable of getting inside the existing building fabric. It is to this end that we would like to extend our thanks to the contractors involved in the different phases of this project; Wright and Smith, Sutton Construction and Warwick Burt. We would also like to thank our Student architect Charlotte Rosier for her contribution to the project and her sourcing, delivery and coordination of the canteens furnishings and survery equipment.

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